Mixed Martial Artist

The world of professional athletics isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. We began to form our incredible work ethic at a young age of 18, spending time outside school and on the weekends practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to compete at the top level as a professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. We were Born in Bosnia Sarajevo, raised in colorado. We used our background experience of middle and high school wrestling through out our child hood days to begin our passion of combat. We transformed our knowledge into MMA as we learned proper techniques for boxing, muay thai, jitsu, at the age of 18 to this day, 21 years old if anyone was curious. Our training regime consisted of 6 days a week once or twice a day at the gym of intensive training.Throughout the years using all the experience and wisdom we have gained training out of a mma gym in denver called A Family Affair Boxing ( AFA BOXING). We have won a total of 8 titles ranging from MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing in Pro Amatuer fight league. Our purpose is we hope to inspire others  to manifest a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. We aim to teach self defense for those who are interested, as well as professional training regimes for those looking to compete. We do this by utilizing everything we have done and learned over the years of our time in the gym and cage/ring.